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Digital Fan Engagement Platforms: Modern Solutions for Fan Engagement

Digital Fan Engagement Platforms: Modern Solutions for Fan Engagement Explore how digital fan engagement platforms improve fan experiences in sports, offering modern solutions for leveling up the loyalty and interaction. Discover what the future of digital engagement holds for the sports industry.  In our digital age, the sports and entertainment industry is ever evolving, adopting […]

We are happy to share our very first Fan Engagement Spotlight!

Of course, we love sports here at Blocksport, but when it comes to rivalries dating back more than a hundred years, we get really, really excited. The ice hockey rivalry between Sweden and Finland is deeply rooted in history and national pride. Both countries have a long-standing tradition of excellence in the sport. The matches […]

We are happy to share our very first Fan Engagement Spotlight!
How we help Partizan to engage 50 000 passionate fans

Leading sports team app
in Serbia With Partizan BC we launched the Blocksport ecosystem integrating the Fan App, NFT collectibles, Fan tokens, and NFT games providing an unmatched fan experience. We are proud to partner and provide our technology to one of the most passionate sports communities. Partizan uses fan missions to engage fans inside the […]

Blocksport’s 2023 in Review: A Landmark Year of Innovation and Expansion

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of Blocksport throughout 2023, it’s evident that this year has been a pivotal chapter in our evolution. We’ve hit numerous milestones that have fortified our business, solidified partnerships, and advanced our product suite significantly.

Purchase EURO 2024 Qualifiers Tickets with $BSPT Token!

Get ready for a groundbreaking moment in the world of sports and cryptocurrency! We are thrilled to announce that, for the very first time, Blocksport’s native platform token, $BSPT, can be used to purchase tickets for an exhilarating football match – the EURO 2024 GmbH Qualifiers clash between Ukraine and Italy on November 20th!

Blocksport Partners with WhiteBIT Exchange to Propel $BSPT Token to New Heights

Exciting news for the Blocksport community! We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey – Blocksport’s native platform token, $BSPT, is now available on the renowned WhiteBIT Exchange.

Belgian Cycling’s Success Story: Unleashing the Power of the Blocksport Fan Application

Harnessing the Potential of Active User Engagement