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Fan tokens: new era of relationship between fans and brands

For many years stadium or broadcasts was the only place where fans met their beloved clubs and teams, the relationship was built on that basis and it was changing through the years as more engagement between fans and brands occurred and now it came to a new era of web3 as an absolutely unique space of interaction.

How to use NFT in sports?

NFT is one of the most hyped blockchain terms. Many people heard about it in the news about digital arts and famous artists, and some celebrities released their own NFTs to promote their brands. There is a lot of hype and buzz around this word, which means non-fungible token but not many people understand that NFTs go way beyond the tokenized video or image.

Achievements of the summer and goals for the autumn 2022

This summer was "scorching" for Blocksport as lots of things happened, even though it is usually not an active period both in the world of sports and business. We sit down to talk with Vladimir Liulka, CEO and Co-Founder of Blocksport, about all that happened during the summer and his plans for this autumn.

Belgian cycling app: 3500 users for a cycling app

When we present Blocksport as a company that can help any sports entity with fan engagement, we mean that. Because in our portfolio we don’t have only clubs and organizations from football, basketball, and other major sports but rugby, esports, volleyball, and cycling as well. Today we want to tell you the story of the Belgian Cycling app made for the Belgian Cycling federation to engage with cycling enthusiasts.

Fan app: the importance of gamification

Fan apps are considered an important part of the digital ecosystem of every sports entity. But why do fans need the app? We answered this question in our previous article and today we want to get deeper into the gamification process that makes fans entertained and engaged in the app.

UAF & Empoli NFT case study: sold our for charity

In 2022 many people have already heard about NFTs, hype on some art and unexpectedly expensive sales of some digital artists attracted much attention to the topic. But how NFTs can be used in sports and in tokenization and digitalization processes? We believe in utility NFTs when you don’t just purchase art or just a picture or video, it’s about things that stay behind the asset itself.

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