What is BSPT

BSPT is a utility token issued by Blocksport based on the NFT platform, which is the basis for transactions and interaction; it can be used to purchase NFT assets, fan tokens, and participate in the functions and services of the platform.

The NFT platform developed by Blocksport is built on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with core functions such as sports NFT asset issuance/auction/bidding, fan token issuance/auction, and NFT mining.

Blocksport is dedicated to build an ecosystem for Sports and Esports enthusiasts that integrates games, sports NFT collections, and fan community management, as well as build a service platform for the vertical field of the sports industry in an encrypted world.

Diverse use-cases

The Blocksport NFT platform will be developed in three models: (e)Sports NFT collectibles, Fan Token issuance, and Staking.



Blocksport launches the unique NFTs of sports assets such as Collectible Cards, Memorabilia, Video, Picture, Merchandise, Skins, which can be permanently collected by fans.

Fan Token Offering

Fan Token Offering

Blocksport cooperates with world-renowned clubs to issue fan tokens for these cooperative clubs. Fans holding fan tokens can participate and influence club-related important decision.



The Blocksport NFT platform integrates BSPT, star card NFT and fan tokens into DeFi games, and enhances fans interaction through the «play and earn» mode.

Distribution of BSPT

There will be a total of 1,000,000,000 BSPT tokens that will be created, and the token distribution of the BSPT will be as follow:

How to use BSPT

BSPT is not an investment token, and BSPT should be obtained by purchasing or actively participating in the platform.

Collect NFTs: Users can use BSPT tokens to participate in NFT auctions or sales

Participate in Fan Token Offering

Fans can use BSPT to participate in fan token subscription and auction

NFT staking rewards

Participate in the NFT star card team farming mode of the platform and earn BSPT token rewards.

Pledge rewards

Fans can pledge BSPT tokens and fan tokens to recieve BSPT pledge income.


Holders of BSPT tokens can participate in community governance and manage the platform's NFT for creators and clubs.


Holders of BSPT can submit and vote on proposals about trading fees and new features to be developed.


Vespertine Capital
Luna Capital
LVT Capital
NewTribe Capital
FBG Capital
LD Capital
Calvert Drive Ventures
Spark Digital Capital
Signal Ventures
BIP 32

Contract: 0xa350DA05405cc204e551C4eeD19C3039646528d5

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Platform launch is scheduled on October 2021. Stay tuned!

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