Skip to main content to launch a fan app “Bearloga” based on the Blocksport platform and Blocksport are announcing an upcoming launch of a fan app – Bearloga. The application release for Android and iOS platforms is scheduled for November 2020. Upcoming fan app will provide users with exclusive content, direct chats with players and “money can’t buy” benefits.

Sergey Glamazda, CEO of “We are proud of our fans and try to be closer to those who support us in and out of the game. Such fan apps are pretty common among sports clubs, but we decided to further its range of functions and added a lot of things you can’t find in any other app. From now on our fans will not only get access to exclusive content but also to make decisions regarding the club’s future together with management.”

Vladimir Liulka, CEO of Blocksport: “Trying to build an app without in-depth software development experience is like trying to build a sports car from scratch. We have all this required expertise and we’re extremely pleased to see that also one of the Top 10 Esports team shared this view and identified the added value of our platform.”

Bearloga app will be gradually improving, adding more functionality and content.