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How to use NFT in sports?

NFT is one of the most hyped blockchain terms. Many people heard about it in the news about digital arts and famous artists, and some celebrities released their own NFTs to promote their brands. There is a lot of hype and buzz around this word, which means non-fungible token but not many people understand that NFTs go way beyond the tokenized video or image. Anything can be tokenized in NFT making it unique, in sports, we saw significant use cases with fantasy sports, for example, and there are a lot of opportunities for sports brands to use NFT. 

First of all, it is of course selling the unique moments from clubs or athletes’ history – it is great to have a one, unique and verified copy of the decisive shot in basketball, a winning goal in football, and the first footage of your favorite club game. Secondly, it is producing some special NFTs and the utility behind them. We like to combine those approaches to show fans that NFT is not only a video, picture, or any other visual asset, but a unique thing from their club and the ‘money can’t buy experience’ which is even more important. It is a thing where you can present everything and the proof of ownership is unique. 

How it can be presented – through bringing value to the fans, for example, our NFT collection for Ukrainian National Team and Empoli FC was a charity collection, and all funds were transferred to UNITED 24 organization for humanitarian needs. Here fans saw the value to help people and all NFTs were sold out in just a week. In other more traditional ways utility of the NFT can be different, for example, buying the digital photo with an autograph of your favorite player you can also receive a physical copy of your NFT with the real autograph – one and only, because only your own this NFT which makes it unique. 

Another way to utilize NFT is to provide digital value, for example, you buy an NFT with a historic goal of your favorite player, and with this NFT you receive a special video that is available only for you where this player describes to you personally what he felt about this moment. This is something special because you won’t find this video in media or on clubs’ Youtube channels – this is only for you, and that is what makes it special. In our vision NFT are not about the hype, but about providing new ways to engage with fans and provide them with something unique and individual, because every fan dreams about being a part of the club and understanding that he can have something unique.