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Heinrich Zetlmayer joined Blocksport’s Board of Directors

The Esports Expert, previous Vice President in IBM and Co-CEO of ESL, will support Blocksport’s key management in business development and the company’s growth strategy.

Vladimir Liulka, CEO about the engagement of Heinrich:

“Heinrich is an industry-recognised growth expert with strong traction in the esports market. We are happy to see Heinrich among our Board Directors and we have no doubts that his know-how and insights will accelerate our company’s growth. Welcome to our Team, Heinrich!”

Heinrich Zetlmayer, Board Director, about his Blocksport engagement:

“Glad to work with the Blocksport team to support fan engagement for esports and other sports. Esports and other sports teams want to engage more with their fans and fans want to engage deeper with their teams and that needs to be better supported.”

About Heinrich Zetlmayer

Heinrich Zetlmayer is an accomplished digital investor and growth expert with a unique background in esports and blockchain as former Co-CEO of ESL. He is the founder, CEO and managing partner of Blockchain Valley Ventures (BVV) and a partner with mas management and advisory ltd.. Heinrich has a unique wealth of experience as previous Vice President in IBM, Co-CEO of ESL, and former leader and Senior Partner of Arthur D. Little’s Global Operations Practice.