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Fan tokens: new era of relationship between fans and brands

For many years stadium or broadcasts was the only place where fans met their beloved clubs and teams, the relationship was built on that basis and it was changing through the years as more engagement between fans and brands occurred and now it came to a new era of web3 as an absolutely unique space of interaction. The technological abilities of blockchain changed the game with different products and fan tokens are one of the most valuable and promising assets. They offer unique and exclusive options in fan engagement and can change the relationship between fans and brands forever. But how fan tokens appeared?

A couple of years ago the hype around fan tokens appeared with PSG and Juventus fan token launches which attracted the attention of media and fans all over the world. First fan tokens were introduced and now after some time and with dozens of new launches by different blockchains and crypto providers we definitely see some concerns about those assets. Why? Because of their volatility – many providers don’t offer any control on the price and fan tokens are used not to engage with fans but as a speculative asset in hands of crypto traders who pump and dump to benefit like from every other coin and that creates danger for the fans of clubs and federations as well as the risk of buying fan tokens and losing all you money when traders dump the money is very high. Also, the bad thing is that it is hard to predict the behavior of tokens as the Atletico Madrid fan token was dumped just after their triumph in a domestic league. How it can be avoided?

The reason that fan tokens appear in the hands of speculative traders is the listing, when a token is listed on an exchange the price is not under control anymore hence those who hold most of the tokens dictate the price. In Blocksport we avoid this situation as our token is not listed from day one and operates as a stable coin so the price is controlled by the brand and not speculative traders, the main holders are fans because they can purchase the tokens and hold most of them. That is fundamental for building relationships and trust based on fan tokens.

When fans understand that there is no risk in holding fan tokens comes fan engagement. We propose to use a level system where fans get different levels of influence and benefits depending on the number of tokens they bought and it opens up absolutely new perspectives to the fans as they can meet their favorite players, experience the VIP hospitality at the matches, earn digital benefits like special videos from players and coaches, unique NFTs and other collectibles as well as real collectibles like signed jerseys, balls, etc. Regarding the influence, options can be various as well from selecting the player of the month, or the next season’s slogan up to selecting the colors of the away kit. 

Fan tokens are built to break the barriers between clubs and fans and not to be a speculative asset, that’s the vision we prove at Blocksport among our respected partners who already launched the fan tokens and on the one hand, opened new revenue streams and on the other give their fans an experience they never had before.