Fan tokens in serve: story of an Empoli fan

Сюда нужно отрендерить название новости (для скринридеров)

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For how long have you been an Empoli fan?

Living a few kilometers from Empoli I have always been a fan and have always followed Empoli even in the Serie B years. 

Why you have decided to buy fan tokens?

I decided to buy the fan tokens because I wanted to try to have the opportunity to participate in the various extractions and to be closer to the team.  Luck was immediately on my side and I was drawn for the two Vip Hospitality tickets for the Tuscan derby between Empoli and Fiorentina.  

What was your experience during the match? 

It was a wonderful experience, we were very well received and were allowed to see the arrival of the coaches and the entrance of the players to the stadium.  Then we were made to visit the stadium by going to the sidelines and the press room where the pre and post match interviews are done.  Then we were offered a rich buffet before the match and during the first and second half.  Then the seat was very close to the authority stand, I would say truly spectacular.  I know it won’t be easy but I hope to have an experience like this again. It’s a different way to experience a football match.  

Are you going to continue using fan tokens? 

As for the token fans, I will continue to use them and still hope for luck. I close by thanking you for the chance you gave me and for the experience you gave me.  Thank you very much.

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