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Data Talks and Blocksport Forge Strategic Partnership

STOCKHOLM/ZUG, Feb 20th, 2024 — Data Talks, a leading Sports Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Blocksport, a prominent SportsTech solutions provider based in Zug, Switzerland. This collaboration aims to bring innovative solutions to the sports industry, leveraging the strengths of both organisations.

Founded in 2019, Blocksport has swiftly gained recognition for its cutting-edge SportsTech solutions, with a strong focus on blockchain technology.

As a Sports CDP provider, Data Talks is dedicated to helping sports businesses increase revenue by selling more tickets and merchandise and negotiating sponsorship agreements of higher value.  Our platform leverages data-driven insights, empowering organisations to make informed decisions on how to communicate in a way that resonates with their audience. It contributes to financial success while leading to heightened satisfaction among their loyal supporters.

Stefan Laven, Founder and CEO of Data Talks, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Blocksport. Their expertise in SportsTech aligns seamlessly with our commitment to driving innovation in the sports industry. Together, we aim to provide game-changing solutions that elevate the capabilities of sports organisations worldwide. This collaboration comes at a pivotal moment when the sports industry increasingly relies on technology to enhance fan engagement, streamline operations, and unlock new revenue streams. The partnership between Data Talks and Blocksport promises to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of sports organisations in a rapidly changing landscape.”

Samir Ceric, Chief Operating Officer of Blocksport says: “I am thrilled about this strategic partnership and couldn’t be happier that the agreement was actually signed in London during the personal meeting between Stefan and me on his short visit to his London office in the presence of his UK Director. This is by no means yet another partnership announcement with no substance and no clear ambition or goal in mind. When Stefan and I first ‘met up’ virtually all these months ago, I felt the like-mindedness between us in so many aspects from life to business, and the fact that we are both former elite athletes, all the way to the importance of working collaboratively with the companies whose ethos and missions are very similar to the one of us at Blocksport. Only together and in a more systematic way can we help inform and educate all stakeholders and decision-makers within the sports industry, as well as operators in the space of outreach, digital and marketing departments that will at all times benefit fans and their beloved clubs or national teams, first and foremost. Both Data Talks and Blocksport see ourselves as enablers and facilitators of those relationships being taken to another level, deepening fan engagement in the best possible way, enabling fans who may never set foot at a stadium or arena an opportunity to develop a relationship and build a true loyalty with the club and sport they love, and in the process help those professionals running such sports operations improve existing as well as create new revenue streams. The Data Talks – Blocksport ‘duo’ is designed to do exactly that and possibly so much more. The industry needs more education and more thought leadership, proper meaningful conversations and workshops so everything is clear from the get-go and there is never room for misleading or miscommunication of any sort, be it towards sporting properties or their biggest asset, their fans.“

The collaboration between Data Talks and Blocksport aims to transform the sports industry by combining their strengths in customer data and sports technology, paving the way for innovation, enhanced fan engagement, and increased revenue opportunities.