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Cooperation: PENTA and Blocksport develop PENTA app

Interaction between esports teams and their fans becomes more and more important. Especially the direct communication between emotional fans successful organizations make esports so dynamic and modern.

PENTA recognized this potential and unique characteristic very early and was always looking for new ways to max out new opportunities and be part of the development. With the company Blocksport, the Berlin-based esports organization found a new partner with whom they aim to shape the esports communication in the long run.

Blocksport offers a mobile app solution that allows organizations, such as PENTA, to even more directly get in touch and interact with its own fan base. Thereby, both partners benefit from exciting features, such as a fan chat, fan missions, game data, an up-to-date news feed, a social media wall as well as an integrated shop. The app will be available for iOS and Android within the next two months.

PENTA’s CEO Andreas Schaetzke is looking forward to the cooperation: “Esports is a digital hybrid, that combines many aspects of the modern world. Therefore, our cooperation with Blocksport is a logical step in the digitalization of processes and communication channels. PENTA has a global loyal and emotional fan base. Thanks to Blocksport we will be able to get in touch with all of our fans in an even better way and collectively further bring forth PENTA as a brand and esports in general.”

Vladimir Liulka, CEO at Blocksport, looks forward to the newly established partnership: “PENTA’s fan base includes more than 200,000 people worldwide – exponentially growing. Through Blocksport PENTA and its fans benefit from superb new and mutually beneficial opportunities. We are convinced that PENTA’s growth and fan satisfaction will be even further increased thanks to our app.”