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EURO 2024 Fan Engagement Spotlight

Welcome to the “EURO 2024 Fan Engagement Spotlight” by Blocksport, where we delve into the dynamic world of football fan engagement across Europe. As the excitement builds for EURO 2024, we explore how different countries are leveraging digital platforms, social media, and innovative technologies to connect with their passionate fan bases. From the staggering social media followings of powerhouses like Portugal and France to the app adoption strategies of Spain and England, this report provides a comprehensive overview of the current landscape and future opportunities for fan engagement in football. Join us as we uncover the trends, highlights, and potential areas for growth that are shaping the future of football fandom.

Portugal stands out with 17.5 million Instagram followers, which is more than the combined total of 15 other participating countries including Albania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Georgia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Serbia, Scotland, Ukraine, Denmark, Croatia, and Belgium.

France and England also have substantial followings with 15.9 million and 11.5 million Instagram followers respectively, further emphasizing their strong social media presence compared to many other nations.

England, France, and Portugal are in Tier 1 with over 10 million social media fans each, showcasing their dominance in online fan engagement.

In comparison, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Italy, and Germany fall into Tier 2, with social media followings ranging from 1 million to just under 10 million, indicating strong but slightly less influential digital presences.

Smaller nations like Georgia, Hungary, and Albania fall into Tiers 3 and 4, with followings below 100,000, pointing to opportunities for growth in their digital engagement strategies.

Spain and England lead with over 10 million app downloads each, demonstrating their effective use of mobile platforms to engage fans.

France and Italy follow with over 500,000 downloads, while Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria each have over 100,000, indicating a moderate level of app-based engagement.

Despite Portugal’s massive social media presence, it currently lacks an official app for its Football Association or National team, highlighting a significant gap in its digital strategy compared to peers like Spain and England.

As we conclude our “EURO 2024 Fan Engagement Spotlight,” it’s clear that the landscape of football fan engagement is as diverse and vibrant as the sport itself. The data reveals not only the impressive reach of nations like Portugal and England but also the untapped potential in countries that are still developing their digital strategies. With the advent of Web3 technologies and increasing mobile app adoption, the future of fan engagement promises even more innovative and immersive experiences. At Blocksport, we are committed to powering these advancements and helping teams, leagues, and federations connect with fans in meaningful ways. We hope this spotlight inspires further exploration and investment in digital fan engagement, driving the beautiful game to new heights of interaction and enthusiasm.

Top Reasons for Creating Apps for Football Clubs

Creating an app for your football club is no longer just a luxury; it’s a necessity to catch up to the best clubs. With advancements in technology and the increasing demand for instant access to information and services, a dedicated app can make a significant impact to enhance fan engagement and streamline operations. Let’s delve into the top reasons why your football club needs an app, exploring the benefits of team sports apps and understanding what an app means in the context of football.

Why Does a Football Club Need an App?

Direct Fan Engagement

In the modern sports world, fans expect seamless interaction with their favourite clubs without any intermediaries in between. An app provides a direct line of connection, offering fans instant access to news, live scores, highlights, and special content. This continuous engagement keeps fans in 7/24 direct contact with their clubs and potentially other fans in the community.

Revenue Generation

A well-designed app can open up new revenue streams for football clubs. Through in-app purchases, merchandise sales, and membership subscriptions, clubs monetize their digital presence. Additionally, most mobile applications provide features that allow for targeted advertisements and sponsorships special to the app, which provide significant financial benefits.

Improved Fan Experience

Apps can greatly enhance the overall fan experience by offering personalized content and services. From booking tickets to accessing stadium maps and concession stands, fans can enjoy a smoother, more convenient match-day experience. Features like push notifications ensure fans never miss out on important updates or events.

Data Analysis and Tailored Strategy

Understanding fan behavior and preferences, collecting and keeping fan data in-house is crucial for football clubs. An app allows clubs to collect valuable data on user interactions, learning deep insights on their fan communities which helps tailoring strategies and improving services depending on the user base. This data-driven approach ensures that clubs can better meet the needs and expectations of their fans after gaining more accurate knowledge about their fans.

What Does App Mean in Football?

In the context of football, an app serves as a multifunctional tool that bridges the gap between the club and its supporters. It combines elements of communication, marketing, and customer service into a single platform. It is a common ground for fans and the club to meet that benefits all stakeholders in a club-fan relationship without any intermediaries taking advantage of the club or the fans. By offering a personalized experience directly from the club, apps play a key role in satisfying the needs of modern sports fans, giving them assurance that there is no one between them and their favourite clubs.

Digital Sports Fan Engagement

Engaging with fans digitally is becoming increasingly important. Following a trend towards online platforms, football clubs need to adapt to stay relevant. Digital sports fan engagement encompasses a variety of strategies, including social media interactions, email marketing, and, most importantly, dedicated apps. By using these tools to the best, clubs can maintain a stronger connection with their fanbase and use the data to their advantage rather than gifting social media platforms with a plethora of data. In an attention economy, you don’t want the attention that is meant to be on you to benefit another platform or company more than it benefits you.

Why Team Sports Apps Are Essential

Team sports apps are essential for managing and enhancing the fan experience. They provide a centralized platform for fans to access all necessary information and services related to their favorite teams. For football clubs, this means offering a seamless and engaging user experience that keeps fans coming back for more. The fan experience will be enhanced by adding in-stadium capability to your app, but only for those who are physically present.

The great majority of football fans will always be involved virtually, so make sure you invest wisely to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience. By doing this, you will win over your supporters and witness a sharp increase in revenue. Since the stadium has a limited capacity, the bulk of your app users will not be present on matchdays. This is the main reason behind Man City’s vision of creating a “1 million people stadium” in the metaverse. However, reaching 1 million people who use cryptocurrencies and use their wallets to enter blockchain based metaverses is quite a hard task for a newly emerging technology.

Since smartphones is the most adopted technology in the history of the world, we believe mobile is the best strategy to reach the biggest masses. To gain deeper insight into how we create mobile fan engagement tools that pave the way to reaching the millions on your club’s platform and provide a seamless way to move into web3 whenever you are ready, you can check out our products and case studies with our partners from Europe to South East Asia on the Blocksport website.


In conclusion, creating an app for your football club is a strategic move that enhances fan engagement, generates potentially new revenue, builds a closer community and fanbase. By understanding the importance of digital sports fan engagement and the benefits that come from a sports apps, clubs can stay ahead of the competition and provide an unparalleled experience for their supporters. As the best apps in sports become an integral part of the fan experience, it’s time for football clubs to embrace this digital transformation and leverage the full potential of mobile development, and reach the biggest audiences through smartphones.

Empoli FC: First Club in Italian Football to Fully Embrace the Web3 Fan Engagement Ecosystem

Empoli FC has made history as the first Serie A club to fully embrace a Web3 fan engagement platform, in partnership with Blocksport. This collaboration aims to revolutionize fan engagement, providing new opportunities for fans and enhancing their connection to the club.

The Start of the Journey

Empoli FC’s journey began with the launch of a dedicated fan app, creating a unique space for fans to interact with the club and each other. The app includes features designed to inform and engage fans, such as a gamification system with fan missions, fan points, and leaderboards. These features not only increased fan engagement but also deepened fans’ connection to the club.

Key Metrics of Success

Since the app’s launch, Empoli FC has seen significant improvements in fan engagement and visibility.

Introduction of the Fan Token

The next milestone in Empoli FC’s Web3 journey was the launch of a unique fan token on the Blocksport Web3 marketplace. The initial sale of fan tokens provided exclusive benefits to fans, depending on the amount of EMP tokens purchased. This initiative helped identify and reward the most loyal fans, fostering a deeper sense of community and loyalty.

Real Fan Engagement Experiences

Empoli FC’s fan engagement strategy includes offering exclusive experiences that money can’t buy. For instance, fans with the Golden level token receive signed jerseys from players, creating unforgettable memories and a deeper bond with the club.

Special Projects and Community Support

Empoli FC and Blocksport also undertook special projects, such as supporting Ukraine in 2022. The club played a friendly match against the Ukrainian national team, and a unique NFT collection was created for the match. This collection sold out in one day and was promoted by UNITED24, a prominent Ukrainian foundation backed by the President of Ukraine.

Ongoing Roadmap and Future Plans

Empoli FC and Blocksport have ambitious plans to further enhance their Web3 fan engagement ecosystem. Upcoming initiatives include:

  • NFT Game Launch: Introducing new interactive and engaging experiences for fans.
  • New App Features: Continuously improving the app to offer more value to users.
  • New Tranche of Fan Tokens: Expanding the token offerings to engage more fans.

Impact Before and After Embracing Web3

The transformation since embracing Web3 has been profound. Before, fans could only interact with the club through social media and the website. Now, there is a universal digital space for fans to engage with the club and each other. Key improvements include:

Empoli FC’s journey with Blocksport showcases the power of a Web3 fan engagement platform in transforming fan interaction and loyalty. The innovative use of a fan app and fan tokens has set a new standard in the sports industry, paving the way for other clubs to follow.

Digital Fan Engagement Platforms: Modern Solutions for Fan Engagement

Digital Fan Engagement Platforms: Modern Solutions for Fan Engagement

Explore how digital fan engagement platforms improve fan experiences in sports, offering modern solutions for leveling up the loyalty and interaction. Discover what the future of digital engagement holds for the sports industry. 

In our digital age, the sports and entertainment industry is ever evolving, adopting new solutions to improve aspects of the game from fan experiences to analytics to broadcasting both during and outside game times. Digital fan engagement platforms are pioneering this transformation, providing innovative ways to interact with fans across the globe. Let’s delve into how fan engagement is transformed by the digital revolution, focusing on key features, benefits, and future trends.

Defining Digital Engagement in the Sports Arena

Digital engagement in sports refers to the use of digital solutions as a bridge between clubs and fans that create grounds of fan interaction and community building. This includes everything from live-streaming games, creating digital loyalty membership groups, to interactive apps that provide user-specific content, live game insights, and mobile communication channels between clubs and fans.

The journey from cheering in stadiums to engaging through digital screens has been quick and done. Today’s fans expect more than passive viewing; they demand interactive, personalized, and immersive experiences and scenarios in which they can get involved in what their favorite club is doing, no matter where they are. Fans of today spend more time with the sports team they support through their screens than anywhere else, leading to the need for innovative solutions that are finding life in the last few years including Blocksport. 

Leveraging Web3 Technology for Fan Engagement and Monetization

Blocksport is a pioneer in the sports technology spectrum, leveraging blockchain for sports fans and teams on both mobile and web. Thanks to blockchain, Blocksport provides a secure technology for digital assets to sports teams that are utilized for increased fan engagement via tools such as exclusive content, collectibles, and digital memberships. By creating Fan Tokens and NFTs, Blocksport enables fans to own and trade items created by their loved club, fostering the most special feeling to fans within their most special community. Blocksport’s deep adoption of blockchain technology creates unmatched opportunities for digital fan engagement and monetization, opening the way for an immersive and rewarding fan experience. Whether it be a brand new approach to digital membership or a one-off special collectible, Blocksport’s digital asset solutions are specifically tailored to sports teams and their fanbases. 

Key Features of Effective Digital Fan Engagement Platforms

Live Interactions: Enhancing the Communication

Live interactions are a cornerstone of successful digital fan engagement platforms, either performed by fans or the team. Features like fan chats, club polls, and social media integration to the platform allow fans to get in on the action, mirroring the communal atmosphere in a stadium. While a stadium or an arena is only capable of housing a small percentage of the sports team’s reach, a digital platform specific to the fans is able to house %100 of the fanbase surrounding the team. Giving fans a chance to participate in their teams’ activities from anywhere in the world. 

Gamification: Fun and Rewarding Fan Engagement 

Gamification for fans through elements such as prediction games, P2E games, fantasy leagues, and loyalty programs make sports communication a more dynamic and rewarding experience, keeping fans inside the ecosystem. Gamification through a digital fan engagement platform gives fans the chance to have fun while they are interacting with their team while the sports club can take advantage of the data collection on their platform to learn more about their fan bases and potentially provide personalized content and offers to the users. 

Increased Fan Loyalty and Retention

Engaging fans digitally not only provides a platform to interact with fans’ favorite teams but also connects the fans to each other through a sense of belonging and community. Fans are more connected to their teams through exclusive content and fan layering which also gives bragging rights to the most active fans. This emotional and psychological investment strengthens their loyalty, making them stick more with the team through the years. 

Better Brand Visibility and Sponsorship Opportunities

Digital development has changed consumer behavior immensely. With the newly emerged options like social media influencers, branded content, and targeted advertising, companies now have unprecedented opportunities to increase their visibility among sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, a digital fan engagement platform is a must have for a sports team if it is to be up there with the world classes. This not only increases brand reach but also allows for new revenue streams for both sponsors and teams.

 Understanding Fan Behavior with Data Insights

In the digital age, every click, like, gives very important insights into fan behavior. By taking advantage of data analytics tools, teams and sponsors can gain a deeper understanding of their audience. This wealth of information allows teams to tailor their marketing strategies more effectively, delivering personalized content and offers that resonate with fans on a personal level. Moreover, by tracking engagement metrics across different digital platforms, they can identify trends and anticipate future behaviors, giving them a competitive edge in the highly dynamic sports marketing landscape.

Embracing Digital Solutions for Fan Engagement

Blocksport offers a comprehensive platform that empowers sports teams and organizations to connect with their fans in meaningful ways. Through our tailor-made mobile apps and fan engagement tools, Blocksport enables you to create brand new immersive fan experiences, including but not limited to live streaming, polls from the club, and participating in your fan base’s own social media. This user-friendly business model makes it easy for fans to be immersed with their club and their activities, fostering a vibrant online community around the club. 

As the sports industry continues its evolution, embracing digital fan engagement solutions is not just an option but a necessity. These platforms not only enhance the fan experience but also provide sports organizations with valuable insights, helping them to stay ahead in a competitive market. By choosing the right technologies and strategies, sports entities can build stronger connections with their fans and unlock new opportunities for growth. With Blocksport, sports organizations can harness the power of digital technology to forge deeper connections with their fans and maximize sponsorship opportunities in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

We are happy to share our very first Fan Engagement Spotlight!

Of course, we love sports here at Blocksport, but when it comes to rivalries dating back more than a hundred years, we get really, really excited. The ice hockey rivalry between Sweden and Finland is deeply rooted in history and national pride. Both countries have a long-standing tradition of excellence in the sport. The matches between these Nordic neighbors are characterized by extremely passionate fan bases, and a desire to claim not only local but also global supremacy in the sport.

Both countries have hundreds of thousands of fans of both the national team and the local professional teams. How the professional leagues, Liiga in Finland and SHL in Sweden, as well as the individual teams and the national associations engage with their fans is similar for a large part. But when it comes to mobile engagement, the approach of both countries differs quite a bit.

We look forward to working with all parties involved to maximize fan engagement in a future-proof way as we enter the Web3 era….

How we help Partizan to engage 50 000 passionate fans

Leading sports team app
in Serbia

With Partizan BC we launched the Blocksport ecosystem integrating the Fan App, NFT collectibles, Fan tokens, and NFT games providing an unmatched fan experience. We are proud to partner and provide our technology to one of the most passionate sports communities.

  • Within 2 years app reached 50000 downloads.
  • App was promoted by Partizan legendary players.
  • It also stands in TOP 5 Entertainment apps in Serbia.

Partizan uses fan missions to engage fans inside the app — for completing unique fan missions fans receive fan points. The most active fans receive special rewards from the club. With the help of missions Partizan earned +30% downloads weekly and 3000 more new downloads during the first two weeks with fan missions referring to the most popular games.

The fan who earned most fan points in 2023 will have a premium seat behind the team bench with club management during the important Euroleague game.

PTZT fan token and NFT success

Partizan fan token was launched in 2022 with 3 levels of benefits making it the first basketball club with non-speculative and utility token for fans only. Now fans can also buy premium subscription with fan tokens and earn PTZT tokens with NFT games.
10000+ tokens sold and counting!

Partizan launched the unique collection from the 1992 Euroleague champions campaign.
The next will be a collection with their native players, in the NBA teams.

Unique NFT Game “Own your Pitch”

Fans virtually own NFT of randomly distributed zones on the basketball court, earning PTZT tokens for scored points. Basketball court divided into 20 zones, each with 25 unique NFTs available for purchase at 10 EUR. Ownership of a zone grants fans the potential to earn 10 fan tokens for each point scored in their zone. After the game fans receive their reward in PTZT to their MetaMask wallet connected to Blocksport platform.

Results of the game:

  • Successful NFT game launched during ABA League 2022/2023 Finals, with Partizan BC winning the championship title.
  • Media coverage on Partizan BC’s social media generated 200,000 impressions, attracting 3,000 fans to the Blocksport platform.
  • Potential for expanding the concept to other sports like football and motorsport.
  • Blocksport’s NFT game introduces a new revenue stream for Partizan BC and enhances fan experience with exclusive benefits.


The partnership between Blocksport and Partizan BC has revolutionized the fan experience within the Serbian sports community. Through the integration of cutting-edge technology, including the Blocksport ecosystem, NFT collectibles, and fan tokens, the app has become a cornerstone for engaging fans like never before. Not only has the app achieved remarkable success with over 50,000 downloads and a position in the top 5 entertainment apps in Serbia, but it has also fostered a deeper connection between the club and its supporters through innovative initiatives like fan missions and exclusive rewards.

The introduction of the PTZT fan token and NFT games has further solidified this bond, providing fans with tangible benefits and a unique ownership experience. The successful launch of the “Own your Pitch” NFT game during the ABA League Finals exemplifies the potential for continued growth and expansion, not only within basketball but across other sports as well. This collaboration has not only introduced a new revenue stream for Partizan BC but has also set a new standard for fan engagement and interaction in the digital age.

Data Talks and Blocksport Forge Strategic Partnership

STOCKHOLM/ZUG, Feb 20th, 2024 — Data Talks, a leading Sports Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Blocksport, a prominent SportsTech solutions provider based in Zug, Switzerland. This collaboration aims to bring innovative solutions to the sports industry, leveraging the strengths of both organisations.

Founded in 2019, Blocksport has swiftly gained recognition for its cutting-edge SportsTech solutions, with a strong focus on blockchain technology.

As a Sports CDP provider, Data Talks is dedicated to helping sports businesses increase revenue by selling more tickets and merchandise and negotiating sponsorship agreements of higher value.  Our platform leverages data-driven insights, empowering organisations to make informed decisions on how to communicate in a way that resonates with their audience. It contributes to financial success while leading to heightened satisfaction among their loyal supporters.

Stefan Laven, Founder and CEO of Data Talks, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Blocksport. Their expertise in SportsTech aligns seamlessly with our commitment to driving innovation in the sports industry. Together, we aim to provide game-changing solutions that elevate the capabilities of sports organisations worldwide. This collaboration comes at a pivotal moment when the sports industry increasingly relies on technology to enhance fan engagement, streamline operations, and unlock new revenue streams. The partnership between Data Talks and Blocksport promises to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of sports organisations in a rapidly changing landscape.”

Samir Ceric, Chief Operating Officer of Blocksport says: “I am thrilled about this strategic partnership and couldn’t be happier that the agreement was actually signed in London during the personal meeting between Stefan and me on his short visit to his London office in the presence of his UK Director. This is by no means yet another partnership announcement with no substance and no clear ambition or goal in mind. When Stefan and I first ‘met up’ virtually all these months ago, I felt the like-mindedness between us in so many aspects from life to business, and the fact that we are both former elite athletes, all the way to the importance of working collaboratively with the companies whose ethos and missions are very similar to the one of us at Blocksport. Only together and in a more systematic way can we help inform and educate all stakeholders and decision-makers within the sports industry, as well as operators in the space of outreach, digital and marketing departments that will at all times benefit fans and their beloved clubs or national teams, first and foremost. Both Data Talks and Blocksport see ourselves as enablers and facilitators of those relationships being taken to another level, deepening fan engagement in the best possible way, enabling fans who may never set foot at a stadium or arena an opportunity to develop a relationship and build a true loyalty with the club and sport they love, and in the process help those professionals running such sports operations improve existing as well as create new revenue streams. The Data Talks – Blocksport ‘duo’ is designed to do exactly that and possibly so much more. The industry needs more education and more thought leadership, proper meaningful conversations and workshops so everything is clear from the get-go and there is never room for misleading or miscommunication of any sort, be it towards sporting properties or their biggest asset, their fans.“

The collaboration between Data Talks and Blocksport aims to transform the sports industry by combining their strengths in customer data and sports technology, paving the way for innovation, enhanced fan engagement, and increased revenue opportunities.

Blocksport’s 2023 in Review: A Landmark Year of Innovation and Expansion

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of Blocksport throughout 2023, it’s evident that this year has been a pivotal chapter in our evolution. We’ve hit numerous milestones that have fortified our business, solidified partnerships, and advanced our product suite significantly.

Maturity and Versatility

Blocksport has matured considerably, honing our business and B2B positioning to align with the needs of a diverse range of clients. Our adaptability ensures that Blocksport is the perfect fit for any company, irrespective of size, that harbours a passionate fanbase. Comprehensive details about our enhanced offerings will soon be available on our website, showcasing our evolution and adaptability.

Expanding Global Reach

One of our proudest achievements this year has been the expansion of Blocksport’s reach into the dynamic African and Southeast Asian markets. This move not only broadens our geographical footprint but also marks a significant step towards paving the way for Web3 integration and sports tokenization in this vibrant region. With this expansion, our client base now spans across Europe, Africa, and Asia, setting the stage for a momentous 2024.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

The strategic partnership signed with WhiteBIT exchange in August was a watershed moment for Blocksport. As a top European exchange and the official crypto exchange partner of Barcelona FC, Ukrainian National Football Federation FC Metalist 1925 and Trabsonspor FC, WhiteBIT’s collaboration signifies a new chapter of possibilities. Our token listing on the WhiteBIT exchange was just the beginning; future plans promise a deeper, mutually beneficial cooperation that will revolutionize the landscape.

Product Advancements

Continuing our commitment to product excellence, we underwent a significant redesign of our Web3-based fan app platform, enhancing its modernity and optimising the UI/UX for an unparalleled fan experience. Unique use cases like the Single Sign-On (SSO) implementation for OH Leuven FC underscore our dedication to bespoke solutions for our esteemed clients. We also extended our data-driven partnership with Sportrdar by scaling the basketball data statistics and visualization across our fan apps.

Web3 Innovations

Our foray into the realm of web3 has been nothing short of groundbreaking. Launching cutting-edge Play-to-Earn NFT games for European basketball teams, driven by advanced sports data from Sportradar, showcases our prowess in gamification and innovative offerings. Additionally, developing a bridge for BSPT tokens between ETH and BSC chains underscores our commitment to seamless functionality.

Empowering the Community

The recent launch of Blocksport’s DAO stands as a testament to our dedication to community engagement. BSPT token holders now possess the power to directly influence Blocksport’s developmental trajectory by creating and voting on feature polls, ensuring a collaborative and community-driven approach.

Future Outlook: Embracing Innovation

Looking ahead to 2024, Blocksport is poised for an exhilarating journey into the North American markets. Expanding our reach into the US market and beyond sports to entertainment is a testament to our commitment to innovation and growth.

BSPT Token Evolution

Our BSPT token is set to gain even more utility in the coming year. With the imminent launch of Play-to-Earn basketball for NBA games in January and further captivating games for various sports on the horizon, our Web3 platform aims to become the pinnacle of gamification in sports. The BSPT token will serve as the primary payment mode within our platform, with more details available in our upcoming Whitepaper 1.1.

In conclusion, Blocksport extends heartfelt gratitude to our clients, partners, investors, and community members. Your unwavering support fuels our pursuit to become the foremost provider of future-proof, Web3-ready community hubs. The journey continues, so stay tuned and trust in the process as we march boldly into a promising future.

Empowering the Community: Blocksport Launches DAO for Collaborative Development

Blocksport, a pioneering force in the sports industry’s digital transformation, has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Designed as an influential tool, the DAO empowers the community to actively participate in shaping the future of the Blocksport project.

At its core, Blocksport DAO operates as a collaborative platform, where the holders of Blocksport tokens (BSPT) can directly influence the project’s development. This innovative system leverages the collective wisdom and engagement of the community, ensuring that ideas and feature implementations align closely with the desires of its stakeholders.

How Blocksport DAO Works

The DAO’s functionality revolves around a straightforward yet impactful mechanism. BSPT holders possess the ability to propose ideas or feature implementations by creating votings through the platform. Once a proposal is minted as an NFT, other BSPT holders are invited to vote on these suggestions. For an idea or feature to move forward for consideration by the Blocksport senior team, it must garner sufficient support—measured by the aggregated BSPT votes—within a designated timeframe.

Creating a Voting and Voting Process

Participating in the DAO is streamlined through the Blocksport platform. By visiting and connecting their wallets, BSPT holders validate their ownership status. This authentication process ensures that only verified token holders can actively engage in creating votings. Creating a voting involves minting an NFT with the proposal, while voting requires BSPT holders to support the ideas they endorse.

Eligibility to Propose and Vote

Exclusive participation rights within the Blocksport DAO are reserved for active BSPT holders. This means that only individuals holding BSPT tokens can propose new ideas or feature implementations and cast votes. Whether through holding existing BSPT tokens or acquiring them, individuals passionate about contributing to Blocksport’s evolution have a direct avenue to engage in the decision-making process.

This pioneering initiative not only democratizes decision-making but also nurtures a sense of community ownership within Blocksport. It encourages transparency, inclusivity, and responsiveness, ensuring that the project evolves in alignment with the collective vision and needs of its stakeholders.

The launch of Blocksport DAO marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of decentralized governance within the sports technology sector. By harnessing the collective intelligence of its community, Blocksport sets a precedent for collaborative innovation and inclusivity in the development of digital sports platforms.

In the realm of sports and technology, the future is about collaboration, inclusivity, and empowerment. With Blocksport DAO, the community holds the reins, steering the project toward a future shaped by collective vision and shared aspirations.

Blocksport and ProTouch Africa unlocking the full potential of athletes from Africa

Zug, Switzerland – Blocksport today announced an exciting partnership with ProTouch Africa, to unlock the full potential of athletes from Africa. This is the first step in igniting a purpose-led fan community with a platform to connect with their favourite African athletes and, be part of the World’s first fan-owned Athlete Impact Fund.

ProTouch Africa – a sports tech business based in South Africa that provides sports clubs, teams and federations with fan engagement strategies and digital solutions – has assembled an ecosystem, The Podium Pursuit Collective that brings together more than 4,000 top [and potentially top] performing athletes from fifty-four African nations across thirty-six sports codes, their thirty-million fans globally and a network of purpose-led brands that are passionate about seeing more African athletes on the podiums of the World’s biggest sporting events.

“The toughest challenge our athletes face is that of funding and the opportunity to participate in international competitions. This is particularly true in Africa, where even athletes competing in their national teams are forced to self-fund the costs associated with this participation,” said Rebecca Eliot, Founder of The Podium Pursuit Collective.

With the Paris 2024 Olympic Games on the horizon, the timing could not be more opportune to activate a collective movement that will make a significant impact on the next generation of athletes, in the lead-up to LA2028 and beyond.

ProTouch Africa and Blocksport have developed a Web3 Fan App – the official Digital Clubhouse for the Collective – providing a platform to unlock value for fans, brands and investors globally. Designed to enable revenue generation through a new digital rights license, the customised fan engagement platform aggregates news and social media, a
match centre with upcoming events across multiple sports codes, results and statistics, an e-commerce fan shop with exclusive and replica merchandise from Africa’s best teams and, partner deals for athletes and fans.

In future versions of the Fan App, fan investors will receive exclusive invitations to purchase digital collectables, premium subscriptions and access investor tokens and the revenue derived from this will be used to further enable the next generation of athletes from Africa. The Fan App, available in both the Google Play and iOS stores features the top athletes from Africa, a digital Hall of Fame and a Live Blog that showcases African Athletes’ Moments of Glory.

A key feature of the platform, is its Digital Athlete Profiles providing athletes from Africa, a new way to connect with their fans as well as build and monetize their brand. By strategically building their personal brands, athletes can attract endorsement deals, sponsorship opportunities, and collaborations with companies in various industries.

“Our AI-powered Marketplace connects brands with top performing athletes who share their values and who wish to leverage their authentic influence and the emotional connections they have with fans, to raise awareness about social and environmental causes as well as connecting current and former athletes to meaningful career opportunities”
added Eliot.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have established monetisation methods in the form of advertising, sponsored posts and paid partnerships but, they do not share this revenue.

Unlike social media, where algorithms dictate content visibility, The Podium Pursuit Collective Fan App platform provides control over the content experience and interactivity and more importantly, the monetization of this. “By fostering a digital community on our own branded platform, we can curate an environment of authenticity, loyalty and passion that resonates with fans of African athletes and unlocks value for fans, brands and investors” added Eliot.

While the complete Podium Pursuit Collective is planned for release in Q1 2024, the prototype of the Fan App has been released in beta, providing fans and athletes a sneak peek of what is to come. “We will be inviting fans and athletes to participate actively, providing feedback and insights that will shape the final version of the Fan App. This input will be invaluable in ensuring that the final solution reflects the desires and preferences of a dedicated fan community”.

“Unlocking the potential of African athletes isn’t just about sports; it’s about empowering dreams, overcoming barriers, and creating a legacy of impact. Through our partnership with ProTouch Africa, Blocksport’s commitment extends beyond fan engagement; it’s about enabling a movement that reshapes athlete funding, fuels aspirations, and champions a future where passion meets purpose on the world’s stage.” – Vladimir Liulka, CEO of Blocksport

Details on how to get early access will soon be unveiled so fans are encouraged to stay connected to Podium Pursuit's official channels for upcoming announcements. With a steadfast focus on fan engagement, athlete empowerment, and technological innovation, The Podium Pursuit Collective is poised to make an enduring impact on the world of sports, reshaping the sports investment landscape and revolutionizing athlete funding in Africa forever while championing a more positive future for humanity.

For more information contact Rebecca Eliot at +27 83 656 4632


PROTOUCH is a Sports Tech business founded in 2016, driven by a vision to ignite fan engagement and activate new revenue streams using digital solutions, for sports brands across Africa.

PROTOUCH is the distributor of the Swiss-based BLOCKSPORT AG Fan Engagement, NFT and Token Platform, enabled by Blockchain technology and providing sporting properties a branded fan app, digital memberships, digital collectables and play-to-earn games. In addition to this white-labelled solution, PROTOUCH has built a range of plug-in modules to cater for additional features required by its sporting clients and provides strategic consulting around fan engagement, Web3 and Tokenization as well as implementation, project management and creative execution services.