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We released new features – Fan Tokens and Virtual Goods!

Long-awaited and requested by our client and prospects. Fan Tokens and Virtual Goods. The concept is simple: Immediate revenue support by fans and exclusive rights for loyal fans and the core fan community. 

With our fan token feature fan can purchase so-called club token (i.e. Virtus Pro Tokens) which provides them access to club-related polls. Fans can increase the weight of their voice in important polls and can use the tokens to access limited virtual goods such as Skins and merchandise items in the club’s fan shop. 

Our tokenization solutions provide immediate liquidity for sports clubs and esport teams – especially important during the rough pandemic times the sports industry has to go through. Additionally, it enables loyal fans and the core community to participate in the important decision and purchase exclusive virtual goods. Also, fan token holders could have early access to merchandise sales as well as coaching sessions with their favourite stars.

This provides teams with a kickstart into the season and an important financial bridge. In later releases, it is envisioned that Fan Token holders can also directly participate in the success of their favourite teams/players.

Our multi-location AWS secured cloud infrastructure ensures compliance with local data privacy regulations (i.e. GDPR, DSGV) and the highest standards of cybersecurity to protect our valuable data and assets.

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