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Blocksport Launches Unique NFT Game for Partizan BC, Revolutionizing Fan Engagement

Zug, Belgrade, 19th of July 2023 – Blocksport, a leading sports technology company, has announced the launch of an innovative NFT game for Partizan BC, creating an exciting new fan experience during the final game of the season. This groundbreaking initiative aims to revolutionize fan engagement by allowing fans to virtually own randomly distributed zones on the basketball court and be rewarded with digital memberships (tokens) when points are scored within their owned zone.

The game introduces a dynamic concept where the basketball court is divided into 20 zones, and for each zone, 25 unique NFTs have been created. Prior to every game, fans have the opportunity to purchase these exclusive NFTs at a fixed price of 10 EUR each. The ownership of a zone provides fans with the potential to earn rewards, as they receive 10 fan tokens for every point scored within their owned zone.

One of the most exciting aspects of the NFT game is that the zones are distributed randomly. Fans do not know which zone they are acquiring when purchasing an NFT, adding an element of anticipation and lottery-like excitement to the game. This random distribution adds an additional layer of engagement, as fans eagerly await the reveal of their owned zone and the subsequent potential rewards.

The launch of the NFT game took place in the final game of the ABA League 2022/2023 Finals series between Partizan BC and Red Star BC. Partizan BC emerged victorious, claiming the championship title in a stunning performance. As a result of the game’s launch, the first batch of NFTs was quickly sold to the passionate Partizan fans, who wasted no time in redeeming their rewards. These digital memberships can now be utilized for exclusive benefits provided by their beloved club.

The media coverage of the NFT game on Partizan BC’s social media platforms has been outstanding, generating an impressive 200,000 impressions. This extensive coverage has sparked tremendous interest among fans, resulting in 3,000 fans eagerly exploring the Blocksport platform where the NFTs were sold. The overwhelming response demonstrates the powerful combination of fan engagement, innovative technology, and the allure of exclusive rewards.

“We are thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking NFT game for Partizan BC,” said Samir Ceric, COO of Blocksport AG. “By offering fans the opportunity to own virtual zones on the basketball court through a randomized distribution, we have created an even more thrilling and immersive fan experience. This unique lottery element adds an extra level of excitement to each game, as fans eagerly anticipate the reveal of their owned zone and the rewards they can earn. We believe this innovation ‘cooked up’ in our tech kitchen will be successfully deployed in the seasons, assisting Partizan BC to deepen engagement with their fans as well as generate new revenues in the process too. I believe that this NFT game can also be adopted by the EuroLeague and most other basketball clubs that regularly play at the highest level of European basketball.”

Blocksport’s NFT game is set to revolutionize the way fans interact with their favorite teams, elevating the fan experience to new heights. The initiative provides an innovative revenue stream for Partizan BC, offering a sustainable and engaging model that can be implemented in every game. Fans now have the opportunity to immerse themselves further into the ecosystem of their favorite team, while simultaneously earning digital memberships and reaping the rewards of their loyalty.

The success of this NFT game for Partizan BC sets the stage for its potential application in other sports as well. Blocksport’s innovative approach can be extended to sports such as football, where fans can own virtual zones on the pitch, or even motorsport, where fans can own specific bolide. The possibilities are endless, and Blocksport is poised to continue leading the way in transforming fan engagement across various sports disciplines.