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Wallet and token ecosystem integrated in app and web as alternative to cash payments.

Web3 digital business models operational plus additional token-based engagement options.

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Destacados del Compromiso de los Fans en la Copa América 2024

Copa America 2024 Fan Engagement Spotlight

The Baskets App Creates a New Digital Fan Experience!

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Vladimir Liulka

CEO & Founder

Samir Ceric


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    Pioneering Web3 Fan Engagement Platform Development

    At Blocksport, we’re spearheading a revolution in the world of sports and entertainment arena with our leading-edge web3-ready platform solutions. Central to our offerings is a robust Fan App service for sports organizations from esports to soccer to basketball, leveraging blockchain in sports to deepen supporters’ involvement and enhance the fan engagement by our customers.

    Our apps include the integration of NFT and Fan Token technologies, which opens up avenues to all sports organizations for fan engagement and introduces innovative monetization strategies within the web3 sports domain through models such as gamification of customer experience. This app is a cornerstone of our commitment to transforming fan experiences by enabling deeper, more meaningful connections between sports entities and their enthusiasts. It not only facilitates interactive and immersive experiences but also secures and authenticates fan interactions and transactions through the reliability of blockchain.

    Sports Fan Apps Tailored for You

    We provide our clients access to our Blocksport platform, tech infrastructure as well as Web3 business models and expertise. We start fan engagement platform development from scratch or boost existing platforms for our clients to level up their fan engagement instantly.

    By building a fan-centric ecosystem, we foster direct interactions between athletes, clubs, and their supporters. Our dedication to integrating wallet and token ecosystems, alongside developing tailored web3 business models for sports clubs, federations, leagues, and athletes, positions Blocksport as a special solution in the sports ecosystem.

    The app for sports teams is more than just fan engagement and brand building. It’s also a revenue generator that’s perfect for any sport, from Esports and Soccer (Football) to Basketball, Rugby, Volleyball, and Hockey.

    You Control the Fan Engagement Platform

    We offer full control of your fan engagement platform while entertaining your fans at a whole new level.

    Our full suite allows for activities such as:

    • Shopping and Ticketing;
    • Fan Chat between the users of the team’s app;
    • Social Wall of all content posted on any platform by the club;
    • Fan Missions and Rewards for increased interaction;
    • Wallet integration to fully immerse your fans using blockchain.

    This innovative approach to web3 fan engagement enables sports entities to unlock brand-new unique revenue streams and deepen their relationship with fans. By integrating the latest in blockchain technology, Blocksport is not only redefining fan engagement in the digital era but also pioneering the landscape of web3 sports, positioning itself as a key player in the intersection of sports, entertainment, and technology.


    What is a fan engagement platform?

    A fan engagement platform is a solution designed to improve the interaction between sports teams, athletes, and their fans. These platforms provide various tools and features that allow fans to take part and immerse in their experiences.

    What technology is used for fan engagement?

    Fan engagement technologies include blockchain, mobile apps, social media integrations, virtual and augmented reality, and gamification techniques. At Blocksport, we are proud to be at the forefront of fan engagement technology, utilizing all the technologies mentioned above.

    What is Web3 sports?

    Web3 sports refer to the integration of blockchain, NFTs, and tokenization technologies into the sports industry. This approach enables more transparent, and direct interactions between sports organizations and their fans.