What is blocksport.io?

Blocksport is a Swiss sports-tech that provides innovative technology for the sports industry. We are building the bridge between Club and Fans with innovative technology solutions. Blocksport aims to digitize the sports industry with easy to use solutions that can be implemented in less no time and no effort by sports clubs and teams.

What is this app about?

Blocksport’s white-label mobile app combines information, gamification, consumption and rewarding in one social sports ecosystem. It enables traditional sports clubs and Esport teams to connect with fans in a global community, provides access to a gamified and loyalty- based shopping world that returns cash-backs and integrate sponsors for better brand placement. The combination of features let fans get everything out of one solution, whenever they want and whatever they want.

What makes the app to so special?

It provides you with all you need from one single source - instant, personalized and when you want. It was never easier to interact with your favorite club and with other fans. This app is made to create a social sport platform that adds value to the community and to you.

How do I sign-up and register?

The sign-up process can be easily done via your existing social media account on Facebook or your Gmail account. You just have to click through the easy onboarding process where you grant the app access to pull your data from the social media accounts. Alternatively, you can sign up manually by providing your email address to us. In a later stage, you will be able to sign up with your Twitter account too.

Is there an overview that shows the actions to be completed in order to earn tokens?

Yes, there is. If you go to your personal profile and swipe to the right, you will see a transparent overview of all actions that bring you points.

How can I see all actual team players?

If you enter the menu on the right-hand side, you can access the overview of all teams and players under “team”. If you click on one player card, you can review all relevant statistics.

How can I check the results of past games and upcoming games?

You can easily access them on the “home” page under the news section. If you swipe left to right you can see past games and upcoming match fixtures. If you click on one game, you will be taken to the detailed match statistics or to the (social) betting game.

What should I do to increase my rank?

Play. Play. Play. and Win. The more you engage yourself in fan games and missions, the more you use the app for your daily life, the more points you collect to increase your personal fan rank.

Who can send me messages in the chat?

Basically, any fan who would like to know you, can get in touch with you via the global fan ranking list. In the same way you can send private messages to other fans within the app. Don’t be surprised if one of the players is directly contacting you in the fan chat.

Can I use multiple accounts on my device?

No, you can't. The app is designed to provide you with one account. We will verify your identity and our security system ensure that no one cant open fake accounts.

Can I use my account on multiple devices?

In theory, you can. In practice it is cumbersome. You will need to log in with your back-up phrases anytime you use an account from another phone. The app is designed to be severed in a single device setup.

Is it secure?

Blockchain allows fans to share valuable data in a secure, tamper-proof way. Distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain store data using sophisticated maths and innovative software rules that are extremely difficult for attackers to manipulate. Added to that, by using a ledger of information that is distributed across a peer-to-peer network, blockchain ensures the security and integrity of data by not having a single point of failure.