Bridging clubs, fans and sponsoring partners

Fans support clubs through purchases in their daily life. 365 days a year

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Competitive advantage for clubs

Leading edge

  1. Turn key solution
  2. Technology (wallet, ID, collectibles)
  3. Digital suite for sport clubs
  4. New revenue sources (cashbacks)
  5. Revenue share model
  6. Security & governance

Consumption data analysis - enrichment of your CRM

Increase personalization and after sales for better engagement.
360 degrees profile enrichment - how does it work?

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Revenue sources

Revenue share between blocksport and club

  1. Affiliate marketing (cashbacks)

    Up to 15% cashback
  2. Data analytics

    Targeted marketing by brand within app
  3. Freemium model

    Access to additional services and additional missions
  4. In app advertisement

    Dedicated advertisement for special deals or content sponsorship
  5. In app purchases

    Exclusive content (i.e. Videos, Benefits, Features) and additional digital collectibles
  6. Transaction fees

    Fee per trade of digital collectibles, tickets, vouchers

Revenue Forecast

Average revenue per client around $9.98 P.A.


      Estimate per year $ 19.96 USD

      Estimate per year $ 9.98 USD

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